A word on the recent college admissions scandal.

The recent college admissions scandal has sparked an important debate around ethical access to higher education. Some sectors are calling for a de-emphasis on test scores, claiming the scandal is yet another indication of testing’s inherent biases. Others argue that scores are in fact the most “objective” criteria in the process. 

At the end of the day, nearly everyone agrees that scores themselves are beside the point. High schoolers need to be prepared for college coursework; the tests are helpful tools to the extent that they accurately assess this preparation and give colleges a basis for comparing a wide array of applicants. To the extent that the SAT and ACT produce the opposite effect (e.g., debilitating stress), they are a scourge and worthy of criticism.

North Avenue is a holistic tutoring firm. We don’t focus on test scores to the exclusion of academic skills building – rather, we design test prep lessons to supplement and enhance students’ overall academic maturity. Standardized tests will likely remain a hallmark of education in the United States for years to come. Our mission is to make sure these tests also provide an occasion for deep engagement and authentic learning. 

If the admissions scandal has you confused about what to do or who to trust, give us a call. We’d love to unpack our unique approach to SAT/ACT prep and academic tutoring, as well as equip you and your child with resources for growth at home and at school.

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