Managing Exam-Related Stress

“Truly being ready means understanding what could go wrong— and having a plan to deal with it.” – Col. Chris Hadfield When dealing with acute fears, such as those emanating from exams which cause anxiety, I immediately think about professionals who deal with the most extreme fears I can think of: astronauts. In his book, […]

An Experienced Approach to an SAT Chemistry Problem

Like many SAT subject tests, the subject test in Chemistry is as much a fight against time and careless mistakes as it is an opportunity to demonstrate mastery in Chemistry. The test covers concepts that would be addressed during a full year college-prep chemistry course in high school – though not at the same depth. The Test There […]

What to Expect from the MCAT

This post is the first in a series examining the MCAT exam and how to prepare for this rigorous test. The new MCAT is different from the old MCAT in a few fundamental ways. This article investigates three key changes and the resulting implications for MCAT preparation. Longer Length Change: The new MCAT is a 7.5 […]