Supporting Students with Learning Differences

On Tuesday, October 9th, North Avenue was thrilled to partner with Amy Romm Lockard, Founder and President of Dovetail College Consulting. Amy is a college admissions expert with over a decade of combined college consulting and high school counseling experience. In her presentation, she discussed how to approach college admissions for teens with a learning […]

So… the ACT now has six sections?

Students who took the September 8th ACT were surprised to see an extra section. In addition to the usual English, Math, Reading, Science, and (optional) Writing, they were given a shorter, sixth section. Some students got another helping of math, some read an extra passage, and some confronted an unexpected dosage of science. This extra, […]

What’s up with the August 25 SAT?

In June, College Board delivered an unusually “easy” test, resulting in more students getting more answers correct. To distribute scores in a predictable manner, the curve they used to convert raw scores into scale scores was particularly unforgiving: students overall saw lower scaled scores than they expected, especially those scoring in the upper percentiles. For […]