Standardized tests like the SAT and ACT aim to reward creative, sophisticated thinking, and they penalize inattention to conceptual complexity and detail. And North Avenue aims to cultivate mature thinking – relevant not only to success on standardized tests, but to all academic pursuits. That’s why our tutors boast advanced degrees, years of classroom teaching experience, and a deep, nuanced understanding of the test or subject they tutor.

In addition to exceptional tutors, our method for academic success revolves around three core elements in the tutoring process.


All students begin with an initial consultation, wherein base-level performance will be assessed via diagnostic test scores, grade report, or in-depth conversation with parents and students. It’s important to understand your goals, strengths, and areas for improvement. We’ll use this info to help you identify what you’re struggling with – study skills, content, anxiety, or something else.


Unlike big test prep and tutoring “factories” that use the same approach for every student, we tailor a study plan just for you and your unique learning style. You’ll work with the best study materials for your needs, including official practice tests and North Avenue’s proprietary curriculum.


We track results and observe progress closely, so your tutor can continually adapt your study plan to your evolving needs. Consistent and realistic practice experiences will ensure you’re fully prepared to achieve your goals.

Our passion for individualized, responsive instruction applies not only to standardized test prep, but to all academic demands. We believe tutoring ought to be educational therapy – a process wherein the student becomes aware of his or her unique set of strengths and limitations, then works to develop the strengths, repair the limitations, and attain real results.

At North Avenue, we’re thrilled to support you and your student in this journey. Contact us today to book tutoring sessions or to schedule a free consultation.