Our approach to tutoring and test prep has proven effective for countless students, no matter how big the assignment or how daunting the test. We’ve worked with students from up and down the West Coast and as far away as South Korea, Australia, and France.

John increased his SAT score by 450 pts.

Helena enhanced her SSAT score by 37%

Shanti brought his ACT Composite up 6 pts. 

"This program is top notch! I can't explain how wonderful each and every tutor is, including Scott himself! They thoroughly look through past scores and exams to fully understand how every student learns. Not only do they adapt and teach their students in different styles, but they care for each and every one of their kids by the end of it all. I can't say enough good stuff about these people and this program. I highly recommend them in any sort of tutoring!"

- M.H., student

Erika bumped her Statistics grade up from a C to a B+

Zari scored in the 84th percentile for the GRE

Chris, who struggles with ADD, raised his GPA to a 3.4

"North Avenue has an exceptional understanding of the learning process and adapts easily to the needs of their students. We hired them to work with our son for college math. Our tutor's understanding of educational techniques is superior and allows him to work with people who have ADHD and need an alternative learning style."

- J.L., parent

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