College Admissions Essay Coaching

The admissions officer at your dream school has just opened your college essay. Until this point, you’re just a bunch of numbers: GPA, class rank, test scores. The personal essay is your chance to come to life, to give yourself a voice. It is your chance to stand out from the rest.

But composing a compelling personal narrative is challenging. Many students find the essay daunting, and inadvertently do all of the “wrong” things. This summer, North Avenue Education is pleased to offer writing coaching specifically geared toward college application essays: small group workshops and one-to-one tutoring.

Group Workshops and Tutoring Packages provide students with the tools they need to clarify their distinct voices, compose captivating original content, and enhance their overall admissions profiles. Participants master techniques to writing winning essays – while learning to identify common pitfalls. As students write and revise drafts, they will receive creative guidance and hands-on editing support to help refine their essays toward final drafts ready for submission.

Group Workshops and Tutoring Packages take place on-site at North Avenue Education. In order to provide excellent instruction and individual attention to each student, enrollment in each Group Workshop is capped at six students and Tutoring Packages are offered on the basis of tutor availability.

College Essay Tutoring Package (8-Sessions with an Associate Tutor)

  • Student-focused and adaptive sessions featuring in-depth essay support through all stages of the writing process, from brainstorming and drafting to revising and editing
  • Tailor the frequency and schedule to fit your application deadlines
  • Two rounds of online essay editing, 30-min each
  • $995

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