Academic Coaching

While some students might need instruction in discrete skills or content areas, others–owing to difficulties caused by ADD/ADHD, dyslexia, or other learning disabilities–require help on a global scale. Under the rubric of academic coaching, we offer sessions in remedial or advanced study stills. Utilizing tasks either assigned by the student’s teachers or specially engineered by a tutor, academic coaching aims to develop academic strengths necessary for success. Such strengths typically break down into two categories:

  • Organization. Organizational skills include time management and project planning. These skills are essential for larger academic tasks such as research papers and lab reports.
  • Depth processing. Skills relating to depth include critical inquiry, multi-sensory reading, and metacognition. Students with learning disabilities like ADD/ADHD often need these skills to thrive in diverse academic environments.

Wherever your needs lie, our academic coaching and study skills tutoring will equip your student to fulfill their academic potential.

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